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Himalayan Dog ChewsYaky Stick Himalayan Chews- Cat.Dog
  Product Description  
Yaky Stick is a combination of two of dogs’ favorite treats. Himalayan Dog Chews are wrapped around a Bully Stick, which is made in the USA using patented processes without using any binding agents or glue in the USA.

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Chicken Feet Uncle Larry's Treats
  Product Description  
Freeze Dried Chicken Feet. The nails have been removed from the feet so there's no chance of throats or bellies getting scratched. Delicious, natural treats! Locally sourced U.S. product.

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Meat Treats Uncle Larry's Treats
  Product Description  
All of our treats are 100% Natural, human grade and 100% Freeze Dried. High quality pet treats. 2 oz packages. 3 bags/case.

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