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  • Cats are born hunters. In nature, cats spend 80% of their waking hours hunting for food. Nature made a catís stomach the size of a ping-pong ball - the size of a mouse. Cats are programmed to hunt, catch and play with at least 5 small meals a day. Hunting is your catís natural, physical and mental exercise. Bowl feeding is overfeeding your cat's body, while leaving itís predatory soul starved.

    The indoor hunting feeder replicates your catís natural feeding behavior. You fill and hide all 5 mice once a day. Now your cat gets to recreate the seeking circuit. Your cat will hunt, catch and play with itís ďpreyĒ before eating an appropriate amount of food at least 5 times a day, just like nature intended.

    Veterinary science has long known that cats need to hunt for their food for their physical and mental health. Bowl feeding is making our cats bored, stressed and sick. These bowl-created problems are making our cats act out - with scarf and barf, urinating outside of the litter box, aggressive and destructive behavior and even waking us up at night to be fed.

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